Tuesday, January 9, 2007

First Day in India

We arrived at the Delhi airport late last night and India unfolded. Some as I expected and much just utterly amazing. Snapshots

As our driver pulled out of the airport parking lot we were stopped for at least 10 minutes as hundreds of pilgrims returning from Mecca crossed the road carrying white sacks of clothes on their heads.

Driving into Delhi there were people camped out in the middle of the road building fires to stay warm. (It is cold here)

Dogs live on the street..all short-furred third world beings with a love of barking all night.

This morning we were taken to the Imperial Hotel. One of the poshest hotels I've ever seen. Our own digs are a sweet Guest House. Adjacent to the Imperial are beggars, more encampments of street dwellers and gray smoggy air.

We toured the Anasuyuara (sp?) temple complex. Just finished in 2005. It is huge and utterly amazing. Wood and sandstone carvings. Elephants...a sweet and gorgeous boat road (an Indian version of a Disneyland ride)... Most of the visit was completely transfixxing. I'd never ever seen anything this huge and this thoughtful. I'm ready to join!

The Internet Cafe owner wants to shut down. So more tomorrow.